As the Health and Safety Assistant at USAC, I mainly work with students who have disabilities or chronic health issues, but also spend time assisting my team during crisis management situations. Prior to departure, I prepare these students for what to expect once they arrive at their program site. This includes providing medication information, insurance coverage, and setting up counselors for students who may need or want that service. For students who utilize classroom accommodations at their home university in the United States due to a documented disability, I work with the on-site staff at all of our program locations to get the student’s same accommodations in the classroom abroad. My favorite thing about working with these students is making their dream of studying abroad become a reality. Being an alumna of USAC, I know how scary it can be to go to an unfamiliar place with a chronic health issue. I want to be a resource for these students and let them know that health doesn’t have to set you back.

Being an international education advocate and a long-time employee at the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), I blog about my experiences studying abroad and the opportunities it gave me. USAC has a blog website (blog.usac.edu) that re-posts content from students who have or are currently studying abroad. USAC has featured four of my blog posts on their website, “Dragonstone?” “Home Means Nevada,” “Buen Camino!” and “Post Study Abroad Feels” to help promote USAC and offer tips to students who are planning on studying abroad. The blog can be really helpful for students with pre-departure nerves.

While I studied abroad in Bilbao, Spain I had the opportunity to take an International Marketing class offered through USAC. This class was much more interactive than a class you would expect to take at UNR. We spent a lot of time discussing different marketing cases across the world, and even went to a local market to observe the buyer behavior of Spaniards and how it differs from the American lifestyle.

During my college career, I also had the opportunity to serve as a Marketing Intern for a local non-profit, the Jessica Ann Faber Foundation (JAFF). This non-profit helped low-income public school students afford private arts lessons, which included piano, singing, dance, etc. As their Marketing Intern, I assisted in creating and sending donation letters, event flyers, implementing a database system, and posting content on their social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). Unfortunately, the non-profit is no longer operating.